Chris Stroud - Putting Setup (Part 1)

Chris Stroud discusses his putting setup. He uses a longer putter, and grips cross handed. His right hand is the feel hand, and his left is for direction.


Before you go any further, would you show us how you set up your arms for stability? Let's start with, say, your left arm. How does that go on there?

It's been a big deal for me.

Is it simultaneous?

What I do is I use the left hand low.


So for this putter. And so for me, I like to have my hands a little higher up.

And are you this way? Are you--

I start here.

Open your hands so we can see. Yeah. OK.

I start here. My right hand is always the one kind of setting it down. It's kind of my feel hand, I guess you could say. And my left hand and arm are more of my direction.


So this is more feel. But I always put it down with the right. Because this is what it does for me. You can see how it's worn out. This is kind of the balance for me of the putter. And that, to me, is what everybody needs to get on any putter. It's finding that balance. It's not down here. This doesn't feel good at all. This is too high.

You're saying, find the spot where it's least wobbly.

That's right. Very, very stable. And if I come up, you can feel it right there. It's really stable.

Like this, like a seesaw, right?

That's right.

You want to find where it's stable for you on the grip.

That's where it is. That's a huge piece, I believe.

So for me, my right hand goes on. I'll sort of get my elbows tucked in.

So this is against you.

It's kind of tucked in close to my body. And then I put the putter down. It kind of sits. And now it's just balanced just sitting here.

Any preference on your eyes? Are you trying to be right down on it?

I try to have my eyes right underneath, I would say, an inch or two, anywhere from the middle of the ball in. All the best putters I've seen are always in this kind of window.

A lot of people say that you've got to be right over it and stuff. Like a lot of Tour players, myself included, we don't believe that. We believe it's better inside and back a little bit, so you can see out more.

That's right. I'm a big believer in that, also. Finding your window of where you see the line the best is the most important thing. If I go right over--

When you say, see the line, are you saying that when you rotate your head, you're saying you're actually seeing it?

That's correct. If I had like a couple of lines drawn on the green or like just a big line, that's kind of what I'm seeing. A line about the size of the hole all the way back and forth from the hole to my ball. Luckily, this is straight putt.

Now, you can experiment, right? You can put your head and cock it the absolute wrong way. And you won't be able to look down that line. And then you'll go, oh, I cocked it. Oh, oh, oh, that's better.

That's right.


A really simple way for me to do that is I pick the putter up. And I'll just hold the putter down over the ball so the ball's disappeared, and I see that line all the way to the hole. And that's a good way for me to see, OK, that looks good. If I go too far close to the ball for me, I can still see the same.

But not as good.

But it's not as-- it just doesn't look right. But I can find that window.

Now, if I come way back here--

You're off balance.

I'm way out. It just doesn't look right. So to me, this is a really good way to get everything kind of square and balanced. And now, I say, OK, that looks really comfortable to me.

And I do a lot of this. You'll see me do this. I'll walk back and forth to find this perfect little window. And that's where I start.