Chris Stroud - Putting Setup (Part 2)

Chris Stroud discusses the setup in his putting. It's all about comfort and staying as natural as possible. He tucks his elbows in and grips the putter half way down the grip cross handed.

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Putting Putting Setup Putting- Grip Chris Stroud


You've showed us how you sort of balance yourself, how you get into this deal. You get your hands together there. And I know you split, what comes next in your setup routine?

Yes, so going back to the left hand low. That's my go to for this putter, and I do like the left hand low a little bit more than traditional. So once I get everything set up.

Sort of both hands are together--

Elbows are in, both hands or up here together. Then I'll keep my right hand the same position. Then I will slide my left arm down, and while I do that I'm careful with not letting anything waggle out of place.

No twisting.

That's why I like to stay in this position first, because it's all very neutral and square. And then once I'm here, this is kind of like the start of--

And this is important, you got your thumb across on this angle. Does this also takes some slack out, where there's no wobble there?

That's correct. So again, I slide this down, elbow stays in. And for me, the left hand is a lot more for guidance down the line.

Left hand controls the mass. Right hand more or less controls the face, right?

Yeah. And then from there, the only thing I'll change is maybe the firmness. If it's really, really slow greens, I may grip it tight.

Tight, you mean as in like one out of 10?

One out of 10, maybe seven.

10 being the hardest.

10. I never trip a 10. But unless I've got a 400 foot putt or something, but to be honest.

So that mean that you grip it really light on the shorties?

Very-- you know what? Shorties are-- I never really get above a five most in tournament play, because the greens are pretty fast. I think the longer the putt, I actually go really, really, soft to feel the weight. On the shorter ones, I'd say that's the ones I'm a little bit more firm on the short ones.

And you've got this figured down.

Right down. Yes.

More support?

That, to me that's more support and more feel. I try to get as many fingertips on the grip as I can. I think if you're too much in the palm on putting, everything putting for me is about feel. So I'm trying to get as many fingertips as I can on this. But at the same time, being in a stable position.

I was going to say, stable. Your setup looks balanced and stable. So all this time you've spent up to this point is basically to keep everything out of the wobble. No wobble, you've built this foundation kind of.

Well said.

No wobble.

Well that's exactly what all this is about, even the long putter. For me, all that is about stability, and then-- but at the most important part is once you get the foundation built, now everything else is pretty soft. From here in, everything else the soft. Feel comes in.