Chris Stroud - Setup (Part 1)

Chris Stroud discusses the basics of his setup. His main focus is to be comfortable. He accomplishes this by bending over from the waist letting his hands hang down naturally, and gripping the club from there.

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Setup Posture Alignment Chris Stroud


How do you get yourself into the ball? Like, how do you build your body shape as you're coming in? Some people, you know-- how do you know how far to stand? How do you know when you're comfortable?

Obviously, all the hours I've spent on trying to get the clubs bent right for me and the right length, all that's kind of built in. But as far as-- this is a sand wedge. I know one thing. I'll always keep this one line straight down to my target, parallel.

I know that I want my hands-- I don't want my hands crowding me. I don't want my hands reaching out. I'm just going to kind of bend over at the waist. And then my hands are just going to kind of fall to the ground.

And from there, I'm going to be set up. So it's pretty simple. That's kind of my general set up. And that's why I use this ruler, because now I see the ruler is parallel to my feet. The ball is just a little bit in front of my middle of my stance.

The club face is square. That's a pretty good set up. But a lot of guys, they won't either-- they won't have any knee bend. And they'll be like this or hunched over. And then more than the other heights, say 70% of guys, are like this.

I've seen a ton of guys like this. The hands are crowded.

Too much knees.

Too many-- too much knees. Hands are in. Hands are crowded, and the toe is straight up in the air. I've seen that so many times.

So I think a general set up rule would be have something to set up this way so you can practice and get used to that. Set up the club face, and make sure--

It's flat on the ground.

It's to be flat. You can't have heel up. You can't have toe up.

And for me, stand up straight, bend at the waist, a little bit in the bend. And then just wherever your arms hang, grip the club, set up from there.

All right, hit me a couple.

OK. Just--

Got get the--

Get it loosened up. Get it kinked out.

Loosen up a bit.