Chris Stroud - Setup (Part 2)

Chris Stroud discusses how important getting a good, comfortable setup is for him at address. He hands must hang straight down vertically, not too close or too far away from the ball.

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Posture Distance From the Ball Chris Stroud


Five iron. Now we're getting up in a couple hundred yards.

Yep. This is my 200-205 club. I hit it-- 205 is kind of max. I like 200. It's nice and comfortable.

That's your routine, right there. It's almost the same as your putter.

Same thing, right? Back behind it. Same thing. Set up, get in there, same grip.

Ball's a little further up, a little further away, and my stance is a little wider. I bend at the waist, hands drop, there's my set up. If my hands drop and I have to do this, I'm not far enough.

If my hands-- I do this a lot. I end up getting further and further away that, when I start hitting it really well, I don't really notice it, but I get it half an inch or an inch further away, because I'm trying to hit it further.


Well, what happens after a long time--

You start to drop.

You start reaching. All this starts happening. So big-- a huge thing for me. I just get in here like this, bend at the waist, knees nice and kind of-- knee just a little bit of bend, drop arm straight down, and there you go. There's my spot.

Now, definitely can see as I get warmed up, I'll get further and further away. But that's where you want to be right there for me.