Chris Stroud - Wedge Game Practice

Chris Stroud discusses how he practices his wedge game with the use of cones. He will spend 70% practicing his short game, including his distance wedges.


We're just fortunate here at Carlton Woods Fazio Course that they actually have a set up here where you can practice your distance wedges. And this is something that you've already talked to me about. This is where you, statistically, make all your money. And we're going to get you to shoot the ladder.

This is pretty-- this is pretty much where I spend 60%, 70%, 75% of my practice, either over there chipping, putting, or right here on wedges. And what I've learned through the years, if I can hit a really good 60 degree wedge, what this is, really solid and hit over and over again, I'm going to be able hit a [INAUDIBLE]. I'm going to be able to drive it pretty easily.

So this is 47 yards out to 87 every 10 yards, a little bit into the left to right wind. What I'll start out as is I'll just explain my set up on what I start with, the 47, and just continue to go out to 87, which is a full lob wedge. It's going to play about 90 to the last one. It's really the perfect numbers of what I would do with my cones and when I practice every day.

Yeah. And tell us how you hit it a bit further, don't not go crazy too far, right?

So again, I usually use a ruler or something to line up. I'll use-- this is my same ruler I use on everywhere else. And some guys-- you can do in front. A lot of guys do it on their feet line.

Because we're going to be moving back and forth, I'll put this at the 47 for now. So basically, I'm going to put this in between my feet this time and the target. So this should be parallel. So my feet are basically going to be parallel left of the pin.

You're really precise down here. It's pretty clear that you're sort of a micro--

I try to really--

--that micro-- like very, very disciplined. And what moves you make are micro.

Well said. I think, at the end of the day, this is one of the most important parts of my game. If I can make my bad 47 yard shot inside 10 feet, I'm doing really well. The goal is to make your bad shots good enough and your great shots are going to be great. But can you make all your bad shots a really good?