Colt Knost - Bunker Play (Part 2 - Buried-Long Shot)

Colt Knost demonstrates how to hit a buried bunker shot and a long bunker shot.


Upslope. And maybe we'll plug it.


Do you have a special--

So if it's on-- God a mighty, that's just mean.

That's a fried egg.

OK, that's a tough one to get underneath. So you really got to get that leading edge underneath the ball.

So you turn it in?

I like to turn it in. I've been taught you turn it in. You've got to get under the ball. But then you almost kind of let go of the club so the club [? flops ?] open.

Twisted back the other way?


That's the way I do it. Yeah.

Should just come out with a little topspin.

What about-- what about-- we got another pin back there that's a longer shot. Do you change clubs?

So it just depends. This one, you can do one of two things. I can go where I don't open the club as much.

Just a square club.

With this, square, and hit the same shot. Or I can go to a little less loft, 53, and do the same exact thing. Open it the same amount and everything, and it'll probably carry 10 12 yards further in the air.

Or 20.

Lots of spin.

Little thin there. But that's the thing we work on. I don't want to be too-- I don't want to be afraid to hit close to the golf ball. Because that's where-- if you have a short sided one with very little green to work with, you gotta spin it. You can't hit this far behind it. It won't spin. There's no chance getting the club.

That's better there.

That's got mega control on it. Mega spin.

It's the same exact swing with just less loft, and you can do it all the way down to an 8 iron.

Yeah. Hit it again to this short one, because you were really aggressive on that.

I mean you can see that ball takes one hop and sits down pretty quickly.

Just digs in. Bites like a police dog.