Colt Knost - High vs. Low Chip Shot

Colt Knost demonstrates how to play high vs. low chip shot.


This one's just a little more difficult. Like you said, there's options. You can you could bump this into the hill if you want. The first option, I'm going to fly it onto the green.

See what happens. You're going high.

Yeah. So I'm going open the club face up a little bit. And similar to the bunker, kind of 60:40, left side.

Left side.

But a nice slow, no change in pace swing.

That should be nice there.


Well, she just quite on that one.

But if you saw, there's no change in pace.

There's no hit at.

Not at all. Just let that club flow.

Do you have a thought of how far up here?

No. I just look at it and see. I pick a spot where I want to land it, and I--

What I'm saying is, when you say there's no hit in it, do you do you go to a certain spot up here?

No. No, not at all. For me I just focus on the speed of my swing and it goes as far as it needs to.

OK. So it's big time, not change of speed.

That one's nipped pretty good. It's going to be a little short.

Pretty short and ridiculous.


So how would you play it if you were like, you know what? That's a little dodgy for me.

Yeah, say you get a bad lie. You can go down a--

You want another one?

No, this is perfect. So you just pick a spot where I want to land it, kind of into that upslope there. And this is one where I'm going to play back with the weight forward.

You don't want to spin here because you don't want to dig in.

Not at all. And so this one isn't the long slow. We pick up the tempo a little bit here. So you can get it rolling.

One, two, perfect.

So that's not bad.

So you pick up the tempo.

Yeah, because if you went in with a shot, and you went slow back, and then you had to hit, it's really hard to control your distance. So I mean, it's just a little faster off the ball.

One, two. Pretty much.

Pretty good.

You made it.

Oh, close. Yeah. So I mean, but there are so many different options you can do. And for me, if I was in a tournament, this one I would pick going up. Because I like to be able to control the ball on the ground. And when you hit a lot of bumps, there's no telling what you can do. Sometimes it's necessary.

So you're a tempo guy?

Yeah. Everything I do is tempo.

Yeah. Thank you.