Colt Knost - Straight Drives (Part 1)

Colt Knost who lead the Driving Accuracy category on the PGA Tour in 2016 shares his thoughts on how he hits his drives.


Straightest driver on the PGA tour right here. You know, there's a lot of weeks where you know I hit 85% of my fairways and I'm going to play pretty well.

There's very few weeks where I drive it poorly I think.

I remember I drove it poorly at Tampa this year, and that was one of the very few cuts I missed this year. It's just, like I said, short and crooked obviously doesn't work too well.

It's funny that we all talk about length on the tour now, but always at the end of the tournaments or the big tournaments, it always comes down to-- no matter who it is, whether it's Jason Day or Jimmy Walker r-- they've got to hit the fairway at the end. Jimmy Walker hit an iron off 18. Jason Day hit an iron off 18 Baltusrol to win. Phil Mickelson should have hit an iron off when he lost at Wing Foot.

Eventually, all big hitters have to adhere to the fairway.

For sure. In the majors-- honestly I think in the majors is where the shorter hitters can compete more consistently. The regular events where there's not as much rough and stuff, those guys are going to overpower it and they're hard to beat. But when there's rough and fairway is a premium, that's where guys like me I feel like can really compete. Jim Furyk's the same way.

Hale Irwin in my era. Mike Reed. Reda.

So the driver though, I do feel a little different than the irons, where I do want-- I swing up on it a little more. That's where the more up you swing on it, the more spin it takes off, and you get a little more speed.

Which we know that you should be up three degrees and probably from the inside three degrees would be primo. Right?

Yeah. And you know, on the range I do swing it probably like one to two degrees up, which on the golf course it changes a little bit where I'm more around even probably. Which is fine. But you see all the guys you watch in the Pro-Ams and everything, and they all are over the top this way hitting 10 degrees down on it and they can't figure out why it keeps going this way.

And that's where the guys-- you watch a guy like Patrick Rodgers-- this young kid-- he swings like 5 degrees up on it. Just launches it and kills it.

Like Rory.

High knuckleballs. Yeah. Rory's the same way. Rory swings like 8 degrees out on the driver.

Yeah. Do you change your setup? Do you raise up your left shoulder?

Yeah, left hip, left shoulder, try to get a little higher.


Yeah. Because the ball's off the ground this much compared to with the iron where it's on the ground. But the same thing. Same tempo and try not to overswing it. So you'll see, I just do this little move right there to get it up.