Colt Knost - Straight Drives (Part 2)

Colt Knost who lead the Driviing Accuracy category on the PGA Tour in 2016 shares his thoughts on how he hits draws in his drives.


Very rarely do I try to work the driver. I pick the center of the fairway and just let it go. If it fades a little bit for me it's still going to be in the fairway, if it draws a little bit it's going to be in the fairway.

Straight. if I want to feel like-- if there's a par 5 that's borderline-- get home in two, I will try to draw one out there and get it to a little more. Yeah.

Just get your path to the right a little bit.

Yeah. I just feel like I try to hit the inside part of the ball, kind of the shoulder.

A bit more than normal. Yeah.

Yeah. For sure.

Bit extra.

Yeah. So if I'm still going at that green flag, I'm over there 10 15 right of it, and just try to stay back and swing a little more out to the right.

More in out.



There it is.

And see, that one's going to just-- it's going to go a little further in the air probably and tumble a little more.

Hey Pat, Colt's hitting it really straight over here. He's got those CK shafts. Colt Knost-- inspired by straightness.

Inspired. Very inspiring. Yeah. Like I said, I have finally realized that I need to give up on trying-- I'm never going to hit it 300 yards.

And you're pretty much adding something-- you pretty much don't try to curve it left right either.

Not very often. Unless the hole just requires it.

Yeah. But you're not choosing that shot.

No. For me, with the driver, when I curve left or right I lose a lot of distance. It doesn't roll as far.

And that's not good for you.


What do you hit it? What can you fly-- if there was a bunker out there that you had to lay your cash, can you fly it 260?

Yeah, 260 265 is the max.

That's it.


Now, we know there's guys out there that carry it 300 320. What's tour average?

In the air? Probably 285 290.

Is it?

About 285.


Average distance on tour I know is 294 or something like that.

When I came on tour, the longest hitter in 1986 was Dan Pole at 282-- longest.

Yeah. I missed my era.

Yeah. Yeah. You would have been--

I'd have been good back then.

You'd have been good back then. But you know, you would have won 40 grand back then instead of the 1.7 mil you've got right now.

Yeah. I like where I'm at right now.

Yeah. So there's tradeoffs.