Colt Knost - Equipment (Part 1: Wedges)

Colt Knost shows you the specs of his 3 wedges.

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How you like my putting green and my bar? This is pretty cool.

Yeah. I love your set up. Got a little shot of whiskey to calm the nerves.

If you need it.

I wanted to get all your clubs out today to find out what you play now. You have an unusual looking set to a certain degree. You've got four wedges. You've got four wooden clubs or metal clubs. Why don't we start by you telling us why you have three wedges and what are they. That's your big one.

So for me, I'm obviously one of the shorter hitters on tour. So I really focus on my short game, you know, 125 yards and in which is all my wedges. I like to have full shots so I have a gap where pretty much every 15 yards of my wedges is a full shot. And I think this is the most critical part for scoring. I want to hit it close with my wedges. If I'm 200 to 220, I'm not as worried about hitting it close. If I hit it, you know, 30-40 feet, there's nothing wrong with that. But this is where I score.

I've been waiting to have you to do this because you are one of the shorter players on the tour. And you do really well on the tour. You win a lot of money and you've been close to a couple of wins this year, one of them at the Players Championship. So I think a lot of people are going to be interested, is how you set up your bag. You said that was a 60 degree.

Yeah. It's bent to 59, but it's 60 and it's an 85 yard club.

And bounce, do you have a lot, a little?

So it starts with 10, but I shave the heel off the back a little bit.

Just so it sits in a little.

Yeah. You know Randy Smith, my coach, we've always talked. Basically, there's no reason for a heel on a golf club. It just kind of gets in the way. So for me, with me being actually a little shorter, and clubs a little flatter, it just gets to the turf much better for me.

And that's a Callaway model. What variety is it?

Is the Mack Daddy 2 wedge. Roger Cleveland designs Callaway's wedges and they're just amazing.

What about the shaft? Is that different than your regular one?

No. So all my irons have the KBS 120S shaft.


Yeah. Just stiff.

Not eggs.

Nope. I don't hit far enough for that. But no, I've been using the shaft for like 2 and 1/2 years now. And it's just been unbelievable.

So the 125 grams. That's the steel. That gives us the weight. You've never thought about going to graphite for speed or--

Yeah. I messed with a couple of graphite shafts, the ones that Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker play. But for me when it got windy, I just couldn't control my spin enough.

Not for you.


So that's your 80?

85 for the 59 degree.

Then you go to another Mack Daddy?

Yeah. Mack Daddy 2. This is at 53. So basically I don't--

That's a big jump.

The gaps--

That's a big jump, like the six degrees.

Yeah. The gap's a bit weird for me. I just go straight off yardage. That's all I care about. I don't care what the number is. So we go 85 and then to 100.

That's 100 yard shot.

100 yard shot.

And just let me verify that. So you don't care that there's a six degree gap. You just know that one goes 100.

Yep. I've always been weird with that. Like if I went 60 to 56, there's very little difference in yardage for me. I don't know why that is. But it's just always has. So I just go to where I can hit my numbers.

So is it a good tip for people to not worry about the gaps so much, just get one that goes.

Yeah. I don't think the lofts matter, honestly. I mean, you just want your clubs to go to certain distance. And for me, if it's you know a six degree gap or a nine degree gap, as long as that 15 yards.

It doesn't matter to you.


Wow. That's good. Then you go to another Mack Daddy.

Yeah. This is one of the newer Mack Daddy 3s.

That's different. That's a Mack Daddy--

Yep. This is one of the newer ones. This is actually a little different. These are these are forged, where this is a cast wedge.

Cast meaning that it was poured in like they make a cookie. And this one would be pounded out by a single person.

Yes. That's correct.


And this one's at 50 degrees, which is 115 for me. So I should have that perfect 15 yard gap.

That's what you're shooting for.

Yes . And that's where I just feel like-- because I like to have nice full shots with my wedges.

That's the goal. Obviously, it doesn't work out that way. So do you try to hit the shorter one harder or you go the other one?

No. I go longer soft normally. It obviously depends on the pin location too. An up front pin, go with a longer hard and you can spin back to it. And then the back pins, you know, you want to take some spin off to get it back to the back there.