Colt Knost - Equipment (Part 2: PW - 5 Iron)

Colt Knost goes through the make and distance of his irons, from PW to 5 iron.


This is your set.


What set do you have?

So this is the first set, first iron in my normal set. I play the Callaway Apex Pro.

What year model is this? This is three years ago. So this is 2013, that these came out. This is my favorite set of irons I've ever played.


I just love the feel of them. Yep.

All the years you've been playing golf?

Yeah, this is my favorite set I've ever played. And tell me what that set's called again? That's the Apex?

Apex Pro.

So Callaway, they bought the rights to Mr. Hogan's company. And part of the deal was they took the name, right, Apex? Because Hogan was famous for the Apex, right?


So that's a forged or that's a cast?

This is a forged Apex Pro. OK. That's a set?



So I play this set through.

I've been off the tour a little bit. I'm trying to keep up.

I play this set wedge through 7 Iron. Then I go to just a normal Apex in my 5 and 6.

So I'm looking at your set right here. You don't even have a 4 Iron.


So 5's your longest?

5'S the longest. And then I go to a hybrid club that's in between 3 and 4.

We're going to get to that. But so that's your wedge. You hit what, about 100?

This is 128.

OK. That's your pitching wedge?

Yeah, I mean, we get very specific on our numbers. That's OK.

This is 128. You're a precise player. You have to be.

Have to be.

Your 9 Iron?

9 Iron's 140.

140, that's pretty strong. Because I'm a 135 guy.

I'm a strong boy.

Oh, I see that, yeah. I see that.


Yes, you are. 8 Iron?

8 Iron's 152.


Yeah, just perfect, comfortable stock.

7 Iron?

7 Iron's 168.

168, that's kind of like what I hit.

Yeah. So you notice like, as far as my gaps--

They're a little jumpy.

A little bit. But I mean, most of them are in that 12-to-15-yard gap.

Do you, as a rule-- you know, I've played a fair amount of golf-- do you drive the ball? Or you float in on these?

I'm definitely not a high-ball hitter. I wouldn't say I drive. I'm just a medium-trajectory kind of guy.


And these ones you're coming to now, this is a little different.

This is 6? Yeah, and this is the regular Apex.

OK, so you jump sets right here?

Yeah. So it's kind of a combo set for me.

So let me ask you before you go on. I wanted to note this because we see a lot of people that watch the show. We, as tour players, we don't care what combo. Like, we don't have to have a matching set.


We think of it more as like tools in a toolbox.


So you're telling me you went to which set here?

Yeah, so this is just the regular Apex.

This was the Apex Pro?

This is Apex.

Just Apex.

So it's just a little bigger head. It's still forged though. But the forgiveness is just so much different. And they're much easier to get in the air for me. A lot of people say that the pros don't need the forgiveness. Why do you like this?

Well, I like to make this game as easy as possible. No reason to make it difficult. And when you're nervous, you know, things--

Aren't working right.

--will be a little different. And you mishit some shots sometimes. And you get away with a lot more.

So you do believe that-- so what do you hit the 6?



Yeah. So just 12 yards from the 7 Iron. But for me, like, with my driving distance, we did a little research and found out that most of my iron shots into par 4's are anywhere from 175 to 200.

So you did a study on the tour of what your second shots are. And that determined what clubs you were--

Yeah. And this is kind of new for me. These two Irons, right here. I realized that I was way down on greens in regulation from the 175-to-200 area. And I wanted to get better. And these really helped me out.

They did?

Yes. OK, so that's the 5.

5 Iron.

That's got to be like, a 190 club?

Yep, exactly. 190, same as the 6. Just So much easier for me to get in the air. And I mean, nowadays, as you know, these tough championship golf courses, the greens get firm. You want to be coming in with some height. And this is just so much easier for me.