Colt Knost - Equipment (Part 3: Iron Shaft & Grip)

Colt Knost explains the reason why he plays the KBS shafts with Golf Pride Ribbed grips.

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Craig Balon, that used to play on tour, works for KBS now, and he came to me 2 and 1/2 years ago. I played a Dynamic Gold S-300 pretty much right off the shelf my whole life. Since I was 14.

Same thing, I played X100.

Yeah. And he goes, I'd really like you to try these. And I was like, I've played the same shaft my whole life. I don't want to mess with it. He goes, this is just newer technology. It's very similar, but it will just bring your dispersion in a little bit.

So not as much--

Yeah, not as much offline. So he gave these to me when I was on my last year on the Webb tour, and I was having a not a really great year. I put these in play and went like fifth, third, second three weeks in a row, right out the gate.

And to us, like true play, when you get your confidence, you can take that for years.

For sure. And it just rolled into it. And I had my best year in my career last year on tour, and then this year is even better. And I just keep on building.

And you are attributing that a little bit to the change of that couple of irons, but you really like that shaft.

Yeah, this shaft, it launches a little higher for me, and it just really brought my dispersion in. I mean, on tour, even from last year, I think I went from like 130 in greens regulation to 50 now. Which is a big deal for me.

A big jump for you.

A lot more [INAUDIBLE]

I'm feeling just a Golf Pride rubber, feels like a 60 rib?

60 Rib, yeah. I have pretty small hands.

I do too. Medium glove or a medium lite?




We've talked to a few players and I'm a huge believer in rib. Some of them love the round, but I like to put my hands on there one time and know where they are.

I agree. The only thing with the rib is it's just tough. Because everyone who put your grips on-- if you have a guy on a truck that puts grips on-- you've got to do it yourself almost.

Yeah, I mean, I'm on there when they do them just because square is different to everyone.


Yeah, I hate to see a golf club shut.

We talked about Mr Hogan yesterday, that he used to put a coat hanger-- wire coat hanger down the back because he wanted it so pronounced. And he even set them on the set angle for him, so he had to do his himself often. When I put my club in, I line up the bottom line. I never looked anything but the bottom line being a 12 o'clock, and I try to put that rib right on the 6 o'clock. That's my deal.

I agree.

Are you the same as that?

Oh yeah. I just loved to look down and see it square and just a slightly bit open for me.