Colt Knost - Hybrid

Colt Knost talks about his Callaway hybrid specs that made him one of the most accurate player from the fairway on the PGA Tour.

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Colt Knost Equipment Hybrid


So five irons, 190. And then I play this Apex Pro hybrid. This is probably a year and a half old. It's been unbelievable for me.

What kind of shaft's that one?

So it's got a Diamana blue 90 gram hybrid shaft.

That's a pretty heavy shaft.

Yeah. Yeah. It's just-- I don't know.

No, I mean, I'm with you on that. Because this is 125. You don't want to jump from your 190 club, and then you go real light in the next one.

No, you definitely want to work your way down.

Yeah, you want to--

And this club is in between three and four iron for me. It's just because I have four wedges, so I need that gap. So, you know, I go five iron 190, and this goes to 205. But honestly, I can hit this anywhere from about 195 to 210. It's just so much easier for me to hit. You can flight it, you can hit it high.

This is-- you can zoom in right here. You can probably see the face of this, so you can see that he's got a bull's eye right in the middle of the-- right in the middle of it there where he's been hitting it. Pretty tight.

Yeah. It's just a club that's helped me so much. I mean, it Baltusrol a couple weeks ago at the PGA, I think I hit it probably around 30 times for four rounds.


Just because, I mean, the golf course was long and soft. I mean, every hole, you know, was 480. And I was having anywhere from 190 to 210 on every hole. And so I wore this thing out that week.

So you didn't get on the 18th green with a two iron and a two iron like Jason did.

No, I got home a couple times, though.

Have you ever seen a guy-- could you ever think of a guy hitting it on the green on 18 with two irons? Like, an iron off the tee.

That's impressive. I mean, he's--

Big strong.

Yeah. That's really strong.

But Jimmy Walker played the best.

Oh for sure. No doubt.