Colt Knost: Equipment - 3 Wood

Colt Knost talks about his 3 wood specs that made him one of the most accurate player from the fairway on the PGA Tour.

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Colt Knost Equipment Fairway Woods


Then we move into this one. This one here, when I looked at it this morning, that thing sits really nice.


What different model again?

Yeah, so this was actually new two weeks ago. I went to the XR 3+.

Calloway XR 3+.

So it's the same family as the 5-wood, it's just, that's the XR--

Three plus means less long.

Yeah, it's a little more loft. It's got a little over 13 degrees of loft on it.

That's not much.

No, it's not. But, I mean, for me, like I said, I'm all about hitting numbers. And this is 245 for me.

Just a--

Perfect. Yeah.

It's going to be-- it's not one of those-- I mean there's a lot of guys that have reasons why they play a 3-wood. Like, for me, I've got to have one that goes up. That's not it.

I think you need-- Yeah, for sure.

Like a spitter for you.

You can hit it much lower. I think you need to decide whether or not you want to 3-wood to be used more off the tee or off the ground. And, for me, I don't go for many par fives into--

You're not--


So you just want--

So I just want something good and reliable off the tee, that I can get out there. You know, 240 250. One that holds a little shorter and a little tight.

Love it.

And that sharp is different again?

Yeah, this is a Mitsubishi tensei.

So let me ask you a question. How do you know what sharp's going to be good for you? I mean, I know because we practice and we can sort of see it. And then we get on the machine it tells us. How do these guys figure out what's going to be good?

We have so many reps out there.

But the average guy, how do they-- they got to hear someone like you say, this sharp doesn't go up or down.

Yeah, so I think even when the regular guy goes to a golf store, you can tell a guy what you want to see. I mean, for me, we all have our preferences. We say the one I'm using now is launching too high, and spinning too much. I want to take some flight down.

So that's what you do?


You go in and you say, here's what I think I need. I think I need something that goes less spin, etc, and that's how you start?

Well all the experts, even the guys that work in golf stores, will know. If you say your drivers shaft's launching too high and too much spin, they'll look at that and know, hey, this one, this next one--

Is going to be better for you.

For this tensei shaft's actually a very low spinning shaft.

And for people that know, when you build a graphite club, it's layers, and layers, and layers, and layers, and layers. Microscopic layers, they roll. And each one of them has a different characteristic. Where it bends, how it bends, right?

Yeah. Everything. Different flex points, where the stiffness is, weight, everything. There is so much involved. I mean, honestly, I don't know that much about it. So like I said, I just tell them what I want to see, they bring it, and we test it out, and if it works it goes in.

What length are you on there?

This is 43 and 1/2.

So that used to be the old driver length. Yeah.

That was my original driver length when I came on tour.