Colt Knost: Equipment - 5 Wood

Colt Knost talks about his Callaway 5 wood specs that made him one of the most accurate player from the fairway on the PGA Tour.

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Colt Knost Equipment Fairway Woods


So now we move from a 205 ish to 10.


Another Calloway. Looks like a different model.

Yeah, this is an XR Pro. This is one of their new ones. I've always been a big proponent of five woods. I've just always been a great player with my five wood. I hit it 220, 225.

When you were a kid, you-- our friend Ross [INAUDIBLE] is with me playing golf today with Sam. He bought you-- you met me when you were 10 years old.

Uh, 12.

12. I think you had a five wood then.

Oh yeah.

You always had a five wood.

I just always-- yeah, and I've always been really good with them. And then, once I started to play the game and get to know kind of what was going on, I decided, this was on my own, I decided I wanted to cut my five wood down 3/4 of an inch.

So it's just like a little stubby club with a lot of loft.

Well I thought, yeah, and cutting it down--

Makes it a little stiffer.

Makes it a little stiffer. And takes some of the spin off and brings-- because a lot of people with the five wood, you know, get it high and spinny.


And I've always done that my whole life. And just one day, I thought of it. And--

And what-- what-- so, what shaft is in that one?

Yeah. So this is--


This is the Amana blue 80. Yeah. So I went to the 90 and a hybrid to an 80.

So you cut it down so it's barely bigger than your hybrid? Yeah.

Yeah. But it's got four or five degrees less loft. And it's just able-- I can flight it, and hit it high, whatever I want to do with it.