Colt Knost: Equipment - Putter

Colt Knost discusses the specs for his putter, from grip to the putter head, that made him one of the best on tour in 2016.

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Colt Knost Equipment Putter


Tell me about the secret weapon over there. Because you're pretty-- you're pretty stout with the putter. Where are we?

Yeah. So--

You've always kind of had this look.

Yeah. A little bit of a mallet putter.

What's that called?

This is called Odyssey number seven. It's got a kind of a custom neck on it, kind of, I guess, Newport neck they call it.

Has that got lead tape on it as well?

Yeah. So my putter's a little short. It's 33 and 1/2 inches, so to make up for a cutting it down, they added a little lead tape to make the weight proper. But I've been using this putter for a year and a half now. You know, I'm not a guy who likes to mess-- tinker with a lot of different stuff. But, you know, sometimes, you need a new look down there. And this one's been with me for a year and a half now though. It's been great.

You like that grip with the flat where you put your thumbs?

Yeah. So this grip's just a little bit-- a little bit bigger.

Golf Pride.

Golf Pride. Yeah, two are sensors. It's called, it's kind of a new deal. But--

Your thumbs are real nice and flat. I like that too.

Yeah, very flat. I have a pretty traditional putter grip. I have kind of an overlap, and then just a finger down the shaft. You know, hands are very, very light on the putter. I think that's one thing I was always taught from the beginning is, really like grip pressure, constant grip pressure the whole time. You know, a lot of people like to squeeze that putter, and it creates a lot of tension. And it's never any good. You just-- you want the putter just to flow.