Colt Knost - Backswing - Chest, Arms, and Clubhead

Colt Knost explains how he takes his chest, arms, and clubhead back together in the backswing.


Now, you and I-- you work with Randy-- Randy Smith-- and you work on a number of things. But to me, your swing hasn't changed that much since I met you back when you were a kid. Still a kid to me. But what do you do? How do you hit the ball?

You know, for the most part, things are pretty simple with me. My fundamentals tend to get a little off because I get a little lazy with like my alignment and stuff. So that's one thing I really check-- when I get off, the first thing I check in my alignment. I feel like I tend to get a little shut.

Aim to the right.

Aim too far to the right, which causes all kinds of things. But start out checking fundamentals. Fundamentals and tempo are my big things.

We know this, but I said this earlier-- but you're a big tempo guy like me. It's almost like that's got to be like the pyramid-- like that's the anchor spot.

For sure. Honestly, when I'm out on the golf course and when I feel like I'm playing my best, that's pretty much my main thought is the tempo.

And how do you-- how do you even do it. Show me what you do. You got a real smooth swing you know.

I do a little waggle right before I take it back. Kind of just-- I want to emulate that waggle. But my biggest thing, I want my chest, arms, and club head all going the same speed going back.

That's basically the--

So when everything gets back together, then everything can go. If I get going fast-- if the clubhead gets going faster and everything, I get long, I get turned out this way and then my upper body gets on top of the golf ball. And I hit pulls or wipes to the right.

And we've talked about this, where you pretty much represent the everyday man body style. You don't have the athletic-- look at Perez. Why is he laughing? look at him.

He's kind of athletic. He thinks he is. He's kind of athletic.

But you don't have the most awesome body for golf. But you-- tell me how you-- well it's true.

It's true. I'm fine with it.

I know you are. And I'm fine telling you that.

Keep cashing those checks I'm fine with it.

That's exactly. So how do you utilize your-- you're a big chested guy. How do you do it?

Well, like I said, everything's-- first off, I try not to do too much. You know, you get out there and you get with guys like Dustin Johnson and you know Jason Day who hit it so far. You can't get wrapped up in that. You've got to stick to what-- you got to be you.

And we've already talked-- you have a really super-- you're really confident with your set. You've got all the gaps filled. But you mentioned just a minute ago, it's the club head-- do your deal.

Head, arms, and chest all going at the same speed is what I focus on. For me, like I said, if it gets a little quick off the ball, things get out of whack. If it gets quick halfway back, things get out of whack. So if everything goes back together, it gets nice and set for me and then I can go at it pretty much as hard as I want.