Colt Knost - Backswing - Soft Left Elbow & Completing The Turn

Colt Knost explains why he has a solf left elbow and the need to complete his shoulder turn in the backswing.


So when I watch your swing Colt, you sort of-- you turn back and you've never-- you've always told me this. You've never been-- you've actually-- you and I've talked about. You have that little drop at the top, which I've told-- I've encouraged you over the years to keep that.


Because it gives you your timing.

A lot of people see my swing and-- I have a soft left elbow.


And I think that's because I'm a bigger chested guy. It's hard for me to keep it out here. You know it really is. It puts a lot of stress-- and I just can't hit the ball.

But you've come to me before-- we've been together and you've said hey, watch my swing. And I've always encouraged you to keep--

That's kind of my key to go the other way.


For sure.

And I think a lot of people, Colt, will watch this and they-- well I want my left arm dead firm you know. And here's the straightest guy on the tour right here with that soft. That gives you your rhythm doesn't it?

Oh for sure. Yeah. Like I said, I don't want anything to start going forward until everything gets all the way back.


When I get nervous and under pressure, I tend to short turn it a little bit, and it gets a little jumpy.

Do you have to physically like fight through that to go to your finish? I used to-- see people say to me-- used to say to me, how do you know, you know-- how do you do it? You know? And I say, I never was interested in going forward until I got to the back.

For sure.

And for me it was always, my left shoulder had to get all the way under my chin.

I agree with that. I've had that.

That was just my deal.

Even for me, this if this left shoulder gets to just behind the golf ball-- and it's different for everyone. But for me, I don't think I'm ever going to take a club and just go like this and-- you know when you get it all the way back.

Yeah. And you know when you don't.

Oh, for sure. You know you get a little short with it and then you jerk on the handle of the club, and just bad things happen from there.

Do that again right there-- swing, regular shot.


Yep. Just your--