Colt Knost - Downswing - Lower Body & Shoulder Plane

Colt Knost demonstrates how his lower body starts the downswing while maintaining his shoulder tilt.


You go with the legs first?

I like to feel like the legs lead. I want the chest to stay back and the legs to lead. That way the club kind of drops and gets a little shallow for me. Or gets more back on the plane. If I get a little quick from the top, it gets out on top and gets steep.

So you don't mind it being up a little bit? Because you know you're going to drop it down?

Yeah. For me if I feel like my lower body starts to golf swing first, it is the best. And it takes that left miss out of play. I don't mind missing it a little right.


Like a little high right doesn't get in that much trouble for me. The poles long left what gets you in trouble.


So I'll do a little waggle this and I just try to imitate it.

It's like when I watch it, it's like insanely slow. Like really, really smooth. But that's kind of you.

Yeah I'm slow. But you know, I mean one thing I'll work on the tempo. But if I get going at a speed that I'm not comfortable with, you'll notice it in my finish. My finish if I get quick I'll get going you know this way. I hit my best shots-- and Randy will tell you-- when my right shoulder is like this and my head's kind of looking at it this way, is when I hit my best shots.

Yeah and you were telling me that-- because I had asked you earlier, you know what you've been working on. And go ahead and set one up. You were saying that when you-- you like to go ahead and set you up. You've got your spine somewhere there. You say you like to get-- you're working on getting your shoulders.


In other words, hardly anyone does this anymore. But you're trying to steepen.

Yeah. Because me, I tend to turn a little flat and the club gets behind.

You turn more flat this way?

Yeah. So my planes finds a little this way. And I'm trying to get it more--

On there.

So the club is a little higher at the top. It gives me a little more room.

See a lot of people are so afraid to get the club up and I don't know why that is.

I mean you watch Dustin and Bubba and the guy that just going to a far hitter, I mean their hands are as high as anybody's in the game.

It's like where you put an axe If you have chopped.

I mean Dust-- I mean Bubba's hands are so high it's unbelievable.

And it's almost between-- almost above his ear.

Yeah. And so for me, I mean when when that club gets behind your right shoulder-- for a right-handed player, I mean there's just you're kind of trapped.


And you got to use your hands a lot.