Colt Knost - Hybrid Swing

Colt Knost demonstrates how he swings his hybrids.


Is there something that we have to learn about being a great hybrid player? Because obviously, probably it's true to say that you hit the most of these on tour.

It's probably fair.

And you are great at It.

Yeah. I mean a lot of people see the hybrid and it's a little bigger and they think they've got to hit it like a wood and everything, but it's built just like an iron.

So you go into it.

Yeah. I mean there's nothing wrong with taking a divot with a hybrid.


At all. I believe not. For me, like this club, I can hit it straight up in the air, and I can flight it as low as a five iron.

So you don't necessarily buy into sweeping it.

No, not at all. I think this club is made to get down in the ground a little bit. It's made to get out of tough lies. So I honestly swing it the same way I swing the five iron and just let it do what it's supposed to do. To me it's just comforting looking down there on that little bigger head. Wow.

That's straighter than train smoke.

That's right. I mean it's just an ideal flight. It's not too high and it's not spinning like crazy.

Do that again. Do it on a fresh piece of turf where we can see it. Yeah, right in there somewhere. That's straight. You swept it a little.


I mean there's a little bit there.

A little bit there.

But like this grass is so perfect, I mean, you probably are going to sweep it a little bit. But if I want to flight one down--

You're not afraid to dig into it.

No, not at all. I'll open my stance up a little bit, move it back, and just still flight it.

When you say flight it, you're squeezing it a little lower--

Just trying to keep it down a little into the wind or if it's kind of an in-between yardage, and you're trying to scoot one back to a back pin.

But that's not really your game. You're more of a full swing kind of guy?

Yeah. I mean I'm fine with it. It's just either way. Whatever the shot entails.

Well I guess the better question would be, you're not really trying to do a bunch of curving into pins.

Not at all. Like I said, I like to curve my wedges. But as far as these longer mitt irons go, if I go out and hit every shot from 175 to it to 210 to 30 feet, I'm going to play great, because I know my short irons are going to be [INAUDIBLE]. If I make no mistakes with these longer clubs, it's going to be a great week for me. And that's all I do. I don't try to get too aggressive from 210. If it's a perfect number and soft greens, yeah.

You've got such a good attitude for what you're trying to do.