Colt Knost - Aiming & Confidence

Colt Knost explains how he aims his putter that made him #2 inside 10 feet on PGA Tour in 2016. He also discusses how a lot of putting comes down to how much confidence you have.

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You're having an incredible season of putting, right now.

Yeah, I think I'm number one inside of ten feet on tour, which is where I think that's where you make your money. I mean, you know, miss greens, you chip dust.

You're number one inside of 10 feet, and your the number one driver on tour?

Yeah, someone's got to do it, right?

Oh, I love it. I just want to know what you're doing. Are you a good aimer?

I don't really know. That's an argument in putting, everyone feels like they got to aim properly, and I disagree with that. I don't care where you aim it, as long as you start it where you think you need to.


I remember talking to Brian Gay, and he's one of the best putters on tour as well. And he does very different things. He aims right and pulls everything.

Your friend, Jordan Spieth, one of the greatest putters ever. He does cross hand, looks at the whole. All kind of tempos not awesome.

With him, I just think your attitude and your confidence in putting is just so big. There's not a put he stands over, he thinks he's going to miss. I'm kind of the same way. This is where I make up for my lack of distance and everything, is my putting.