Colt Knost - Hover The Putter At Address

Colt Knost explains how to relieve any tension in the stroke by hovering the putter at address. It allows for a smoother backstroke and a better tempo in his putting stroke.


Do you try to stand a certain way? Or is there any--

So I started working with a short-game coach a year and a half ago, Gabriel Hjertstedt, who used to play on tour.

I know him. I know him well. And, you know, I've always been a great putter. But one thing we did change is, I went from the putter [INAUDIBLE] the ground to just a little bit of a hover.

Oh, you hold it all.

Yeah, I mean, I line up and everything with the putter on the ground.

That's like Jack Nicklaus.

I come back, and I just lift it up, and then take it back.

So I already know because I've tried that. It gets you away so smooth, right?

Yeah. It takes the tension away. And basically you come here, and, like you said, the putter goes back so much smoother.

Do you need to have a shorter putter so you got room?

You know, I just think it's personal preference. Putting is all about being comfortable.


Because that's when you're the most nervous is over putts. There's no doubt about that. And as long as you're comfortable, it'll allow you to make the easiest and best stroke possible.