Colt Knost - Putting Routine

Colt Knost explains his putting routine, from his read of the green by using a plumb-bob to address, to the stroke itself.

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What is your routine? Give us an idea of like this is a three-footer-- we face all kind of different putts that are very important on the tour. Sometimes it's the first hole where you've got a three-footer for birdie. Sometimes it's on the Friday to make the cut.

Yes, and it's very important, I think, to stay to the same routine. I'm a guy I putt very fast. If you--

When you say fast, your routine's only like 20 seconds or something?

Yes, it's about 20. I mean--

I was a 19. I consider myself--

I'm a guy-- I look at it from behind. I plumb bob, which is kind of old school, and get an idea. And if I have any doubt, I'll go to the other side of the hole.

And have a look.

But I mean, I come in, and unless it's a really long putt-- pretty much anything inside of 30 feet, I have my spot. There's no practice stroke. Pretty much one look and I go.

So do that again. So how do you get-- so the tension out is you lifting it up. A lot of people-- Mr. Burke always told me-- he doesn't like practice strokes either, but he would say, do one back there if you want to. But your lifting it up takes all the stress out.

You watch a lot of guys putt on the putting green, and they putt really well. And there's no practice stroke. There's nothing.

You don't line up the ball or anything, or do you?

No, no. I just [INAUDIBLE] the ball [INAUDIBLE]. Because I've messed with the line and stuff before--

I can't. It doesn't look right to me.

Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't. So you think it's a right edge putt. You've got that line. You know it's dead on the right edge. You get over it, and it--

It looks terrible.

Yes, and how are you going to hit a good putt if it doesn't feel right?

So let me get this straight. You're right down my track. I mean, I think lining up helps some people. Like, Tiger was the best ever at lining it up and hitting it on that line.

Yes, his ball rolled perfectly every time.

I mean-- my son Sam, he's a good putter that way. But I'm not even really looking at the ball. I'm looking at the face of the putter.

I mean, like I said, putting's different for everyone. I do the old-school plumb bob. I don't know if you used to do that or not.

I mean, I--

Some people believe in it. Some don't. My college teammate, Brandon DeStefano, taught me how to do it my junior year in college, and I've been doing it ever since. And for me, it just gives me a general idea.

So people that know the plump bob, you put the ball in between you and the hole and you close your off eye, and it gives you some sort of a reading.

Yes. So I mean, if it points just outside the right, it gives you a general idea. And then with me, I feel everything in my feet. So I start out where it tells me to, and then I just move my feet to where I think it's comfortable.


And then you just hit the best putt you can, and whatever happens happens.