Colt Knost - Putting Routine & Plumb-Bob

Colt Knost demonstrates his putting routine which includes using a plumb-bob.


We've set up three putts here. These are three tour putts that you should make almost all of these-- right to left, straight, left to right.


You plumb bob.

I do. I plumb bob just as--

A lot of people don't even know what--

They have no clue. So plumb bob basically is--

It's to do with you standing on the slope, and you holding a 90 degree angle to the earth, and seeing the difference.

I've been doing it for about 10 years now, and it's just something my old college buddy taught me. So basically, you're getting in between-- the ball's in between you and the hole-- pretty much straight. You put the shaft through the middle of the ball, and you close your non-dominant eye. And where the shaft is-- so this shows that it's just a little less than a cup out, and I kind of just use that as a general vicinity. So I start there-- my full routine is, the ball's down, I give it a plumb bob, and I walk in, and I got where I think it is, and I just kind of work off with my feet and my eyes, and I go. That's full speed tournament right there.

I know. I've seen it.

So it's just--

What I like about your stroke the most is that you're-- you get in in a soft way and then you fine tune.

Yeah. Like I said, you have to be comfortable, and I'm a big believer-- I feel most of the reads in my feet.

Yeah. This could be a putt that you've lagged down. Could be for a birdie. Obviously it could be for anything, but they're all equally important.

You treat them all-- I treat them all the same. Obviously--

They do seem harder though when they're for like a bogey.

Oh, for sure. You never want to give away 2, and they're also a lot harder you know Sunday on that 17th hole when you're in there.

To double your money.

You know, you've got to realize every, every putt means the same. That first one on Thursday and the last one on Sunday are the same exact value. And like I said, I'm a big believer in not overthinking things. I get behind every putt. I give it a plumb bob. This one shows it's straight. I get into it and I go. And all you can do is hit the best putt you can.

And even if you know-- even if scientifically says plumb bob doesn't mean square-- means something to you.

Means something to me for sure. It gives me an idea, and it's something I do every single time I hit a putt. And all you can do when you get into a putt, is get it lined up where you want, commit to it, and let it go.