Colt Knost - Set Up: Pre-Shot Routine

Colt Knost shares his pre-shot routine step by step.

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Pre-shot routine Colt Knost


Give me the routine. I'm the caddy, just give me that thing.


OK, Cole, this a 100 and--


OK, Cole, we got 115-- playing 115.

Yeah. So I mean basically I get behind it, look, pick out the target where I want it to start.

In this case would that be the flag?

I mean if it's 115, that's it that's a green light pin for me. That's a perfect number, so I don't care where the pin is-- we're going to go at it.

You're going at it.

Yeah. So for me, I stand behind it, I do one slow practice swing, just for that rhythm. And then I get my target-- I get a little intermediate target a couple of feet in front of me.

You do?


Like Jack.

Yeah. So I mean, I got it just right in this little piece of grass right here. I set into it, and one look-- and then I go.

Man, you're so efficient-- like you don't hardly do any messing around.

No. I mean, I think the way our game's going, guys are getting too much information, there's too much discussion between caddies.

I mean, I'm with you. I'm just trying to extract something. Like, I believe what you believe. I believe there should be a minimal amount of stuff going in. You know how to hit this wedge, is what I'm saying. There's the target.

Yeah. And you do the best you can and whatever happens, happens.

Let's do one more again. I'd like for us to time it, to see what Colt's total time is. I'm gonna give you the club back, OK? I'm going give you--

The start. So me and my caddy, we discuss everything.


We've got 115. We're going green light special.

Going right at-- the target is right at the pin.

All right, somebody count about right now.

So we go just one little waggle, just to loosen things up.

That's just to loosen-- that's not a big swing thought deal?

That's just to kind of release a little tension, I feel like.

Nice. That's it.


Anyone have a timer running?

20? 12.

Probably on tour it'll probably be 15.

Yeah, 15, 20 seconds, and go.

So you're not responsible for any slow play.

No, I'm not. And that's what-- it's frustrating for me. I have to slow down sometimes.

Rules official comes to our group and says, Colt, you didn't put on the clock. And we all go, It's him!

Of course you do. But my deal is, I know I'm never going to get bad times, I'm never going to get to 10. So it's tough. But I mean, golf's starting to take longer and longer and longer.

More thought. We're sort of talking about less thought here.

Oh, yeah.