Gaby Lopez - Basics Of Bunker Play

Gaby Lopez first gets a feel of the sand, so that the bounce of the club matches the shot. It's very important to her that the clubface from the bounce enters the sand properly.


Give us your deal out of the bunker here.

So I think in the bunker, the one thing we have to be aware of-- it's the bounds. We need some bounds when the sand is soft. It all depends on if the sand is soft or we have, really, no sand in the bunker.

No sand.

So when we have lots of sand, we want to be sure we have some speed, and we have some loft, and bounce. When we have no sand, we don't want that much bounce--

Not much speed.

We want to have a slower--

Slower, yeah.

Slower tempo.

Entry, yeah.

That's basically--

So what do you think? How do you how are you determining-- what you walk into this bunker, you feel it with your feet, right?

So, yeah, I walk to this one bunker and I see the lie a little and say, pretty much all the way uphill. The pin we have around 15 yards and I like to have-- so my ball position-- I like to feel how deep is the sand.


I like to be a little more opened, as well, to have steepness. The ball position is going to be a little more forward.

Up front. Yep.

Up front. And so I want my shoulders to be this way, so parallel. I don't want them to be this way--


--or I don't want to be this way. So more parallel and--

To the ground.

--straight to the ground.

More or less, yeah.

So my feet are going to point a little left, but my club face is going point to my target. I like to just--

You widen your stance a little bit, then from your shimmy. Then lower yourself a little bit.


Yes, just to feel stable.

That gives you better stability. Yes, stability. So I like to feel stability on my lower body. And I want to have speed from here to here. And always to leave my club face open when I'm--

Like that.

--releasing the club. So let's take a look.


Man. You had some speed, all right.

That one was good [INAUDIBLE].

Do that again, I liked that. I like that. It's coming at you. That was nice speed there.

Yeah. So, also, one of the things, you don't want to lean the handle--


--because then you're going to dig.

It's going to dig, yeah.

Right. So you just want to have it neutral. And if you want it even higher, you want to even--

Reverse-- like negative.

Yep. But you always want to have it in neutral, you don't want to have it this way.