Gaby Lopez - Fried Egg Bunker Shot

Gaby Lopez demonstrates how to hit a bunker shot out of a "fried egg" lie. Proper stance in the setup, wrist cock in the backswing, and downswing is the key.


I got your fried egg here.


You said you wanted to go in there and--

And breakfast it.

--just hollow it out, whatever.


Not a true plug. We'll do that too.


What comes to mind straightaway here?

Well, you know that when you have a plug ball it's not going to have spin.


It's going to release.


So, one of the thing is that you want to make sure you get the ball up. And you want to see the angle. So, let's say for this one, it's going to be hard. Probably this one you can have a little bit of face open. But the most common thing is just have maybe a square face.

Square face.

And you want to dig a little bit so the ball can pop up.


So for this one, it will be more like a square face.

Shopper, yeah.

And you want to almost stop on the bottom. So the ball can pop up.

Bury it in there, almost.

Right. So, let's see.

Yeah, that's good. So we used to say stick a knife in him and keep it in there.

Right, yeah.

Just. Yeah.

Stop it.