Gaby Lopez - One Foot Out Of Bunker

The most important element to playing the bunker shot when one foot is out is impact, how the clubface makes contact with the sand. Even with one foot out, set up and balance is the key.


So there's no doubt that the best way to learn the bunker is exactly the way we're doing it.


I have never put my bag down there and hit the same shot. I throw them all over. And I put you one here. I'm going make one foot out, one foot in, see what we--

How good we are.

See how good we are, and how we set it-- and how do you handle these?

So I think in this particular situation, you want to be comfortable. You have to feel that you are stable, and you're actually not going to be--

That you can hit it, you can actually do it.

Right. And what you want here is impact. You want to control the impact of this shot particularly, because you're going to feel, let's say, one foot in, and one foot out.

So if you have to go like this, it's OK. You have to find a poster that is going to give you some space.

The angle, yeah.

Right, you don't want to be here, because you're going to not have space. So, probably, this foot is going to go behind. Your head in this shot specifically is going to give you the perfect impact at the ball.

So in this one, since we're higher than the ball, you have to be aware that your face is going to be in the same--

Face has got to stay there, stay down in-- yeah.

Your face and the club face.


Let's say you're here. And you come up. Either you're going to hit here, or you're going to hit the blade. And you're going to miss it.

So let's try it. So what I want to do, when I feel stable, I want some space here. I want my face still.

Oh yeah.

And that's mess actually how the more consistent you're going to hit the ball, when your face is stable.

I love it.