Gaby Lopez - Bounce Of The Wedge

Gaby Lopez will first test out how soft or hard the ground is and will the bounce of her wedge accordingly. She explains how most amateurs have unnecessary tension in their short game which produces inconsistency and take away feel in their chipping and pitching.


OK. So you showed me how to hit the little one. We're going to go up to that middle pin now. And you've gone from your 60 down to you're 56.

Right. Yeah. I just--

Just a little bit more lower.

A little more release. And like I told you, I like to feel how the club is going to react.

Go into the sand-- I mean, go into the grass.

Yeah, how it's going to react. If it's going to bounce, if it's not going to bounce, it all depends on how I'm going to use the loft of the club.

I see. So just right out the gate, you're hitting that ground to see what's going to happen there.

Right. I'm just going to take some tests. I feel that it's a little hard, not much. But I feel that the club is not-- let's say, not like-- then this. Here, it's very, very hard. And this one is a little softer. So we'll see. I'll just put the ball a little back in my stance to have more release.

Like I said, a lot of amateurs, Gaby, have trouble with this shot, and there's been a lot of talk about pitching, and why is pitching, all of a sudden-- we've got great wedges.


I mean--

I feel it's--

It's not a hard shot, is it?

No, I think it's just, like I told you, lots of tension. You see a lot of amateurs that they get so rigid.

Locked in.

And they want to hit this shot, and they feel that they just have to be so precise, and they've got to make it. And they feel just more tension. Instead of just being relaxed.

And you have a lot of bounce, which I think you have 14 on that.

14 in this.

That's a lot.

It is a lot.

But I like it, because, obviously, more bounce, more chance of not digging.

Right. Right, right, right. So if you have no bounce, this is what sometimes is going to happen.


But the bounce is going to let just the club bounce.

Go. Skid.

Skid over the ground. And I think it's just a matter of how comfortable you are over the shot.

Yeah, that's pure there.