Gaby Lopez - Chipping Basics (Part 1)

One of the basics of chipping Gaby Lopez focuses on is a proper setup and using the rotation of the body, shoulders, and hips to hit the shot.


OK, Gaby. We're out here on the chipping. We've got the 56, the 50, and 60.

Well for me, I think a short game is lots about feeling. And feeling comes from being, for me, lose. The more tense you are, the more tension, the less feeling you're going to have. So, for me, every time I come to short game, I take a deep breath, and try to loosen up--


Everything, and especially my hands. The softer my hands are, the more feeling. I feel the club here was how much it's going to bounce. And every time I come to shot, I like to see-- the first thing I look at is at the lie of the surface. So, I like to see how soft or how hard it is, depending on the shot I'm going to hit.

You're up there pretty nice and tall, too.

I like it. Yes.

Because short game that's good, right? Because you don't want to be too out, right?

Right. So, I think I like to feet a little closer to the ball, and feeling more-- a lot's about with my chest, you know, my chipping. So let's say for this pin, I like to hit it probably three paces or two paces on green. And then just let it skip it to--

You're not trying to put big spin on it.


Not on this one.

It all depends, like if I need to hit it a high flop shot, I would open the face, and, you know. But in this one, I have some green to relieve the ball, so I just take it as it is. So I put probably the ball a little back in my stance. So I like just loosen up my grip. And let it-- oop, that wasn't very--

Yeah, that was nice. It appeared from my view, that you take a little wrist action, and then sort of the whole body?

Yeah, I like to--

Or maybe tell me what--

Well for me, it's-- OK, so in my backswing, I like to go with my chest. And then my arms kind of go first, and then my whole chest kind of comes through.

Oh, I see. So you go chest, arms come down, and then more chest.