Gaby Lopez - Chipping Basics (Part 2)

One key focus for Gaby Lopez for chipping is to feel the clubface cut across the ball for more spin. Controlling the trajectory for low or high shot requires good control of her clubface.


I like to feel more stable in my lower body, you know, just to have some feeling up here. And it all depends on how if I want to hit it high, I'll just open a little bit more the face, for a little bit more spin.

You make that shot look easy.

You're clearly a good chipper.

I like it. I've actually become a better chipper after I left school. I focus a little more on my short game. I think that's a little bit the difference between amateur and professionals, they get up and down from everywhere. You see Ricky Fowler, you see all this amazing players and--

There's no doubt. I mean, we say that three amateurs-- we used to say a three amateur would miss the green on a par three. They play the hole in 12. Three pros miss the green on the same hole, they might play it in nine, maybe eight, someone might chip in.

Yes, something that they're going to chip in. So yeah, so let's say a sentence I like to also-- if I want to get some spin, I kind of like to cut it, to get some bounce.

Come across it a little bit.

It all depends on the green.