Gaby Lopez - Chipping Basics (Part 3)

One key focus for Gaby Lopez when she chips is to rotate through the ball with the big muscles - shoulders, chest, hips, and pivot for a consistent shot and feel.


So I think also in amateurs, I think what happens is they get so disconnected. You know, they want to be so precise.

And that's what you're saying, with the little bit--

Right, so you just want to make sure your chest is going around you. And you're hitting it with your big muscles, not the little ones.

But you do add a little on the-- you come in first with your hands, and then you're at it again.

So what I do is pretty much I take the club straight back with my chest. I let my chest--

Hands catch up.

--catch up. And then my whole body kind of turns in within my follow through.

Awesome. Do that again. I could stand here and watch this all day, I'm telling you.


The noises she's making with this shot, it's like-- pew! Pew! It's like hitting little melons out there.

No, I think I can learn a little more from you than you can learn from me.

Well, I tell you what, I like watching you chip, I can tell you that. There you go.