Gaby Lopez - Low vs. High Chip

The key to hitting the ball low or high in Gaby's chipping game is to address the ball back or in the middle in the setup, and continue to pivot around with the chest and shoulders for good trajectory control.


I can hit it like-- if you want to hit it a little lower, we put the ball position a little backwards. And my chest is going to be pointing a little bit towards the ball.

Out in front a little bit, yeah?

Yeah. And we have the low one. And of course, it's going to have more release.

And if you just want to hit the high one--

I don't think it's possible for you to not hit one like within 2 feet of the hole from here.

But if you want to hit just a little higher, you just open the face, a little ball position in the middle, and it's not going to release as much.

No. I like it.