Gaby Lopez - Spin Shot

Gaby Lopez demonstrates how she puts more spin on the ball in her short game. She will adjust her ball position in her setup, accelerate more in the downswing and cut across the ball to get even more spin.


How do the pros spin it? Of course, you and I know that you got to have particular things, got to have the correct lie, et cetera. But when you want to make one spin more, is there something you do a little extra?

OK, so yeah. I think one of the things that we need to do to get spin is, of course, some speed. Speed is going to get some spin to the ball.

More RPMs, right?

We always hear about the more spin, the higher the ball goes. So we want to have some certain speed, but we can try to control it. So the way to control the spin will be also with how open is the club face? So let's say for this one, we have about 25 yards, 30 yards to the pin. We want to have a high shot, just because we have a slope.

A little bit of a hill to go over there, yeah.

Right, so one of the things that I do for a spin, so I open the face. And I pull the ball position a little bit forward. I like to not lean too much the handle, just put it here. And sometimes if I need an extra height, I like to cut it to feel like I'm going to hit a fade.

Cross it a little bit.

I like to fade it so the ball can go even higher and even softer.

And more spin.

And more spin.

More slice means spinning more, like ping pong.

Yeah, just like ping pong. The steeper it comes at the club face, the more swing you're going to get.

That's great. Let's see that. Does it blend into your other shots like you just hit on the other way? Is it the similar swing? You're still enclosed?

I feel a little more distant to the ball. And the thing is, I still want there to be awareness of my hands, the soft of my hands. That's going to give me that extra speed that I want to get underneath the ball to create more spin. So we'll see. So there's one just a little further.

I wanted to also be aware that my hips and my feet are a little open, so I can get that extra stiffness too.

Because you're going to put the side spin, your legs got to be out of the way.

Right, I just want to be a little more open so the club face can be given.

And actually, also in my follow through, I want to keep the club face open. I don't want it to be like this, because it's going to take all the spin out of the way. So if I just hit it, and if I can just hit the club face open, the ball's going to go higher and more spin.

So this would be-- there's a nice one. This would be like a par five right here. You've Hit two good shots down here. And you've got this shot. So you'd be thinking about on tour, you'd be trying to get this up there with some spin. There's a good one, there's the spin we wanted right there. That was the one.

Yeah, this is probably-- the green is not as hard or as fast as I thought it was going to be. So you can be a little more aggressive.

As you're thinking about scoring here, you've gone to all the trouble to hit two good shots to here. You want to be able to convert, right?

You don't want to lay back 80 yards back.

No, right. I think sometimes in [INAUDIBLE] the closer you are--

The better.

The better it is. But you want to be aware of the strategy in the course management you're going to take. But I think that's probably the easiest way for me to create some spin. And just be--

There's a good one.

Yep. Just be a little more aware of how hard is the grain and the condition of everything around the ball.


How you can create some spin out of this.

There's the one, right there.

Yeah. [LAUGHS]

It went in!