Gaby Lopez - Hip Turn

Gaby Lopez focuses on shifting her weight straight into her left hip and leg in the downswing to drop the clubhead on plane in the downswing. This allows for proper hip rotation and avoid the reverse pivot.


Talk about how you get into your left side.

Awesome. Yeah. So one of the things that my coach and I believe is that once we are at the top, everything is going to this part of my body. So all the power is going to my left hip. And if I straighten this knee, it's going to come-- the club is going to come, more likely, in straight of me.

And you're going to keep going with it.

Right. So it's different then if I go this way and if I go this way. If this way, the club's going to come more here. But if I go this way, the club is going to drop.

So you try to keep the leg on a certain angle almost? Do you-- obviously, you don't want to come back. Are you just up on top of it?

Mm-hmm. Yeah. That's exactly what I'm trying to do.