Gaby Lopez - Position At Finish

Gaby Lopez does not force her position at finish. Her follow through is natural, and is a result of maintaining her spine angle and proper shoulder turn in the backswing.


Everybody is dying for me to ask this question of you. How you-- when you get up to that, how do you just go woo like that?


What's the-- what is the piece by piece? How do you get down? How do you come back down and be so smooth and so killer and all that?

OK. So one of the things, I like to rotate within me. So I don't go like this.


I always want to have my spine angle straight.

You're saying spine angle would be--


--like this way.


So I want to go down the same way. I don't want to go this way, and now I have to go this way.

Now you're moving your eyeballs away. Yeah.

So I try to keep the same posture the whole way. And actually, I've always been known for having like a high finish.


Like in traditional. And that kind of gives me some extension.

I see. So that's your-- that's kind of your signature move. You pull yourself up to high.

Yeah, I mean, I don't-- I'm not like this. I want to try to hold it.


It just comes natural. I just don't want to try to force it.