Gaby Lopez - Width In The Swing

Gaby Lopez demonstrates her width in her swing vs. dropping down close to the torso in the downswing. It's important to her that she knows her mechanics and why she does certain things in her swing so that she can fix it during the round.

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I'm not the one here this way. No. I like to--

So when you were a younger girl, you did that more. And this move you've got going out here.


And into the-- it's keeping you.

When I was younger, I'd go this way, and then it would drop it. But right now, I'm just trying to figure just one plane, just being one way to the top, and one way to the bottom.

I love how wide you are. You're really wide. A lot of people worry about when they-- but you don't mind being wide.

Right. No. I think--

It's coming from the chest, right?

The width is going to give you a better angle, and just a bit more consistent impact.

It's a very-- it's a very sort of-- I like your coach. I don't know him. But he's given you some sort of-- I don't want to say old lessons, because they're just very fundamental lessons.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He likes to tell me why things happen. We've got to be conscious of why things happen so you can be--

You can fix it on the fly.

You can fix it, yeah. If you don't know why things happen, it's hard to fix something that you don't really know.