Gaby Lopez - Swing Guide Drill

Gaby Lopez shows us how she uses the Swing Guide to improve her mechanics. In the backswing, it allows her to turn the shoulders and torso together, cock the wrists properly, and allows her to get into her left him in the downswing.


Everybody talks about the club dropping behind them and keeping it in front of them.


You've got a club here you like.


Does it help that drill?

Yes. So this is a swing bat. Lots of players on tour have used it. And what this gives me-- so it kind of reminds me about my take away to get it to be just all together connected. And then just a little more of a hint right here--

Right there.

--to keep the club in front of me, right?


So it's not this way or it's not this way. So we want to be connected, and then I get a little bit of a hint, and from here, it's all turning.


And we keep the clubface straight on the back. And when we go down, everything is going to my left hip.


So it's coordination of having the club turning and then coming back here.

And you're holding it a long time. It's nice, right? You're hold that-- that's nice right there.

Creating some lag. We want to create.

You bet.

So we want to have here. And then everything is going to the left hip. So that's why everything is going to be explosive.

I love it. Lady players, generally speaking, don't have a lot of lag, right? Or they want lag, but they don't know how to get it, so this is very helpful for people, whether it's that, whether they have to get the little gadget or not.


But you want lag.

Right. You want this. You want-- here comes all the power from here to here.


And so we're working on that. And actually, I've never hit it as good in my life as right now.

Really? That's fantastic. Can you-- do you hit it with that on there, or is that just a drill.

I can, yeah. I'm making drills like I'll probably hit two or three, and then hit that with that. So I'll go like here.

Yeah. Wow.


That's awesome there.

Trying to focus on my left hip and my left knee.