Gaby Lopez: Equipment - 3 Wood

Gaby Lopez shows us her PXG 3 wood, a club that is very important in her bag of equipment. She prefers this fairway wood because it sits well on the ground.


This is your 3 wood.


What loft is that?

This is a 15. And for me, one of the main things is I like to see the 3 wood sitting well on the ground. I don't like it to be toe-up or the heel up. I like it to be just sitting well, so I can actually have an even more compact and better impact at the ball. I think it's difficult to find a 3 wood that you actually like.

It's either-- tour players either love their 3 wood or they're having an argument with it.

Right. So once you find one, you've got to stick with it.

Yeah, you see a lot of tour players will have a model-- an old 3 wood.