Gaby Lopez: Equipment - Driver

Gaby Lopez shows us whey she loves her PXG driver. She dials this one particular club for a specific ball flight and curvature.

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Gaby Lopez Equipment Shafts Driver Club Specs Adjustability


And this is your driver, PXG.


Which one-- what's your favorite club? Like some of the-- what's your best club? Do you like hitting driver?

I love my driver.

There you go.

I love my driver.

I knew you were going to say that. But what loft is that one?

This is a 90 degree.

90 degree.

Yeah. And the same as-- like with different-- with this one, you can switch the way, so a different trajectory when you're playing into the wind. When you're playing in Mexico City, like you have to hit it like a million--

Ah, because of the low--

The altitude.


I'd probably either switch the loft or the shaft.

That's fantastic.


Love it.