Gaby Lopez: Equipment - Hybrid

Gaby Lopez shows us her PXG hybrid, a club that is very important in her bag of equipment. She prefers this fairway wood because of the adjustability and the numbers ball and flight numbers it produced.


So then we go to the hybrid. This is a hybrid PXG 0317 model with a Dia--

Dia-- yeah.

Diamona shaft, 60 gram.

Diamana shaft, 60 gram. Ever since we started hitting on TrackMan, it's almost like we don't care which shaft's in it, as long as it tells us the right numbers.


Are you like that?

Yes. Well, like I told you. I like to feel like the club hit. And so that's one of my specs that I like to have. But seriously, I think it's about numbers, and what gives you the best number and you know it's--


I think it's not a true thing that's proven into machine. So it just gives you a little more confidence that what you actually have is the right thing for you.

Correct. What loft is that?

This is a 17 degree.

And obviously, it's a completely different club than this one.


This one you go up, is this-- this is for just distance or height?

This is-- yeah, I think I like this one, too, for distance between my 4 and my 3-wood.


I can hit this one high enough to then hit soft when I'm hitting into a par-three and a par-five in two.


So that's a good club to be-- to also like a soft landing. And also, I like on this one that you can adjust this.

Oh, the weights.

The weights. And you can adjust the loft.

Is that what-- that's what all this is. You can move those weights around.

Yeah. So the black ones are the heavy weights.

I see.

So you move them around.

The silver ones are-- they're lighter.

Yeah. So you move them around, so you have a different--

So I see you've got some black ones out here on the toe. Is that to make it draw?

Oh, it was a little more-- I was planning in Hawaii, so I wanted it to be a little lower. And that kind of gave me the--

Oh, so you just added those.

You can actually just switch them.

Twist them out. They come out. Back in.