Gaby Lopez: Equipment - Irons

Gaby Lopez shares with us the club specs for her PXG irons and the shaft that she loves to play with. She uses Nippon shafts that are steel fiber.


These are steel shafts, these are the Nippon shaft?

Right. There's the 95.

95. All the girls-- a lot of girls are doing that. Now you've moved to the set of the 0311's. And you've moved to-- is this graphite?

It's fiber steel.

What's that?

Steel fiber, it's--

Steel fiber?

Yeah, this is a combination between--

Sounds like a cereal-- steel fiber.

Yes. Well, it actually-- it's a combination between, a mix between steel and fiber. And it's actually very light for me. I like to feel, actually, the head. I'm a player that I like to feel-- where's the club--

Club head.

The club head in my swing, so.

And this shaft is great for you, why? Just because it's light?

It's light, but it still gives me not a super high [? lunge ?] but a penetrating one, so I like that.

I haven't seen the shaft. This is says i80 on it, steel fiber.

80 grams.

80 grams.

Yeah, I used to actually play 95 grams on my last set. But this one, I can control it more, the shape of the ball when I'm hitting it, so--

I like it.

I like to be a shape player around the golf course.

And there's no such thing that anyone at your age is old-school, but this is old-school right here, even for you. What is this?

Well there's a crossover [INAUDIBLE]. I like to--

It's a Ping.

It's a Ping. It just gives me a little more height [? than a ?] four iron. And I like to have this like soft landing when I'm hitting a four iron into the green.

And it just fills a gap, obviously, between this and the next one. This is a project x6.0--

And still, it's--

It's graphite or steel?

It's graphite.