Gaby Lopez: Equipment - Putter

Gaby Lopez plays with the TaylorMade Spider putter. She began playing them at the Junior World tournament, through college, and now as a professional on the LPGA Tour.


Now you've got this little guy, here, Spider

The famous Spider, yep.

That's a TaylorMade?

Yes, Itsy Bitsy.

Why do you-- you've always used this style?

No, you know what? Actually--

What'd you grow up with?

When I was playing in San Diego, the [INAUDIBLE] Junior World Championship, I was playing with a Spider.


Oh, with a Spider.

Yeah. Then I went to Arkansas, and I actually changed my putting stroke. I used to try to actually putt with a straight-straight--


--stroke. But then when I switched my coach, I told him, I need to control even more the speed of the ball on the green. And he was like, I need you to do a little more arc, so the ball can--

Tumble better?

Yeah. Mm-hm. So I switched to a Scotty Cameron when I was in school. But now I went back to Spider, and I totally love it.

That's great.

Just going back to the old times.

I like these grooves.


I have these-- the reason I went to the putter I have, is I felt like with the little grooves in the face, I made the short putts jump in better, for me. That's where I like the grooves.

Well, I think, also, like with these little grooves, like the deeper they are, the softer the ball comes off the face.

See? That's another thing I learned today. I didn't know-- I didn't know that they were deeper, softer. I like that.

Yeah. So the [INAUDIBLE], like, say in Scotty Cameron and the Tour clubs is [INAUDIBLE], you know?

Yep. That's great. The grip is one of the Super Strokes, right?

Super Stroke.

Is that new for you? Or did you-- you went to this to--

I actually went to this a little bit recently. I've played it before. But I went back to this model two weeks ago, because I like to feel-- you know, my grip pressure is always not too tight or not too soft. And with this one, I'm a little more aware of--

It's not the big one. it's the middle size.

It's the 1.0 Pistol. I think this is what Jordan Spieth uses.

Yeah, I think you're right. Jason Dufner, the same. Jordan Spieth's a good putter.

I mean, I think lots of players use Super Stroke, you know, just to feel the grip pressure and a little more consistency.