Gaby Lopez: Equipment - Wedges

Gaby Lopez discusses why she loves her 60, 52, and 50 degree PXG wedges, for the forgiveness, better bounce and the ability to work the golf ball.


OK. Gabby. We're going to talk about your equipment. You've got the PXG.

Yes, sir.

Tell me about that. Because this is a hot club. A lot of my players are using this. When did you go test for that? And why are you using those?

Well, the first time I heard of them was last year on tour. A lot of girls actually got to play them, and I was really a curious. I was playing Mizuno at the time. And last December, I went to Phoenix to get a test in all these amazing clubs.

And I think what I found the most appealing of these clubs is that, their sweet spot, it's a little bigger. So you know, it's a little more forgiving. And it's a high--

High launch.

Yeah, high launch.

Were you low?

No, I wasn't low, but I think I got a little more of just height.

I was low. And sometimes when you get a set that goes high, it looks good to the player, right?

Right. Right. No, not for me. And you know what, actually, I got to see that I could shape a little bit easier the ball. I like to shave, just to hit a little fader, a little draw when I need it. And I find actually their more easy.

I see you've got the set of wedges, but these are the customs. What model is this? This is the 0311.

Yeah. It's not the milled. It's just the regular ones. And what I found, actually, I used to play a 60-degree with an 09 bounce. So I didn't have a lot of bounce.

But this one, actually, has a little more of-- so I can flap a little more the ball, and I can hit more like bunker shots.

So that's a 9 bounce?

No, it's a 12.

12. 12. OK.

I use to play a 9, but now it's a 12. And I think it's perfect right now.

Then you jump to a 56.

I do, yes.

How far do you hit the 60?

My 60, I don't like to full hit--


--full swing my wedges, but I hit it about 80 yards, if I have to. My 56, I'll hit it about 97, 100. It all depends on how-- the shot you want to have more spin, or you just want it a little lower.

And that also has a fair amount of bounce on it?

That's 14.



That's a lot, right?

Yeah, I think it's-- when you have a full swing, you actually do lift a little bit so you don't actually bounce it that much.

Bounce it down at the bottom.


Then you jump to 50.

To 50. This one, I hit it about-- I like to hit about 116. 120, if I have to max it out. But I don't like to. So it's just some cases.


It has 12 pounds.