Gaby Lopez - Old vs. New Swing

Gaby Lopez shares with us how she went from being crossed over at the top of the swing and hitting a draw vs. having the golf club more in front of her for better compression.


Do you remember when you were young, what your swing looked like?

Yes. I do remember. I used to hit this big draw, one shot. That's the only--

One shot?

--shot I had. And it was this big draw. I remember when I played, I used to come in from the inside, and we would cross on the top, and then hit down and inside, and hit this draw. And that's the only shot I had when I was growing up.

Can you still demonstrate it, you think?

Sure, I can. So--

I mean, it doesn't give you bad memories or anything, does it?


No, no.

So it actually kind of helps me to hit a draw, to force a draw shot.

So I would probably go like this. I mean, that's exaggerating, right?

I hit a big draw, too, when I was a kid.

So I'd probably hit something like that. Especially my driver, that was a bigger curve. So I had to aim so far right to lead the ball all the way to the [INAUDIBLE].

Work it in there. Now, as you became a better player, of course, I already know that you took a lot of that out. Was there a coach that helped you? And how did that start to blend into you?

Yes. I switched coaches about 4 and 1/2 years ago. His name is Horacio Morales. He's been a pro for a long time.

And right now, what we're working out is we want to be more consistent hitter. And how we're going to do that, we want to have the club more in front of me, in front of my chest. So I have more space and better angles, so I can attack the ball incompressible better and get a better shot.