Gaby Lopez - Visualization (Part 1)

Gaby Lopez takes us through how she visualizes the shot during her pre-shot routine, from impact, flight of the ball, and how it lands.


And you told me earlier that you like to visualize your shots before your pre-shot. You close your eyes. Tell me how you do that.

Right, so after I pick the club, let's say I'm going to hit a-- let's hit, yeah.

I'm thinking it's nine myself.


I'm just thinking nine myself.

Well I'm going to hit a cut nine.


So once I have cleared the shot I'm going to hit, I go back to the ball. I close my eyes. I picture exactly how I want the ball to fly, to land, and how far is it going to come, even in the hole.

So literally, it's everything.

Yeah, everything. And I open my eyes. I really think that that's going to happen. So--

That's the last thing you see.

That's the last thing, right.