Gaby Lopez - Visualization (Part 2)

Gaby Lopez will visualize what she wants to happen in her shot, vs. what she wants to avoid. She will work on her technique and correct her mechanics on the driving range, but will concentrate on feel and visualization on the golf course.


Do you think that it's really important to put all that in the computer?

I think--

To make it happen out that way?

Yes. I think the more you see the shot, the more it's going to happen, more likely to happen. So if you are thinking of the water, you're thinking of the bunker, you're thinking of the wind, everything, you're attracting that, right? Like love attraction.

I mean, whatever you think, it's going to become part of the shot. So you see the shot. You focus on what you want to happen and not what you want to avoid.

And you spoke about it on the range. The range is for the technical. Get your sweet ride on the range. And then you bring it out here, and then you start imagining what you want to do with your brain.

That's, for me, key. That's the key. And I like to see what's going to happen before it happens.