Gaby Lopez - Lining Up A Putt

Gaby Lopez explains how she lines up the putt. She uses intermediate target to help her with alignment and reading the green.


I'm a person that I like to see where the ball is going to go. So I like to find a point here within two feet where I would like to start the ball.

Me too.

You do?

Me too. Me too. I keep mine six inches. And I've told this story before. But when I went to have a laser on my putter on the 20 feet, I was so off the thing, my laser was pointing all over the place. So I kept walking up to the laser, and I had to walk this far to aim perfect. Six inches. So I figure, I'm 100% from six inches, so I just put a dot there.

That's exactly what I do. And sometimes I actually use a little mark to put let's say-- I like to put it here. So I like to just aim there, and kind of forget about up there. So once I'm lined up pretty well, I just trust my stroke, and pretty much make it. So let's say here we have a 10 footer, and I like to have this ball let's say pass this within this point. And I like to see the dot here so I can do my stroke right here, how hard I'm going to hit it, where I want to hit it. And one of the things that actually I've learned is how to aim well. So if I'm at right eye dominant, I like to--

Are you right eye?

I'm a right eye.

I'm left.

Oh, you are? So I like to come into my putt looking with my right eye exactly how I see the line. Because I want to make sure my alignment is pretty good. So I like to just look over my right side.

You build your stance.

Yeah, I build my stance.

And you're still looking at that spot out there.

I look at the spot. And then I just trust it.

Kind of like that.

Pretty much.

Pretty much. So take your hands like this for me and point it right at the lens. And the people in the lens will be able to see just your right eye. Now point it at me. People will be looking in the lens, all they'll be able to see is my left eye. So that's the easiest way to tell what dominant you are. I love that, because Jack Nicklaus, he had to put his head back here, because he's left, right?

And if you Jordan Spieth, his head is tilted, because he's right eye dominant. So that's how he sees the line better than the other one.