Gaby Lopez - Making A 3 Footer

Gaby Lopez shows you her process of making short putts. She lines her ball with the line, but says it's not necessary to have it perfect. She also uses her shoulders to stroke the putt.


Everybody wants to know how to make a three footer.

Well, one of the things, you're thinking of this put, you've got to be a little more aggressive. So if it's uphill and it's pretty much straight, you want to make sure the ball is going to come with certain speed that is not going to let the break fall.

Get in there.

Yeah. So I like to see, OK, this pretty much right.

Do you put a line down on this one?

I like to say yeah. The sure ones I like to just put the line to see.

Is it absolute for you, or is it just in the ballpark?


Just got to be near it, but doesn't have to be awesome.

No. I mean, perfection kind of kills this sport. So I like to have it just a good idea. Still, I'm going to look for a point.

And when you motor your stroke, are motoring with your shoulders and your hands?

Yes. My putt, I'm moving my putter with my shoulders-- with the big muscles, not the little ones.

But you've got control there with your hands.

Right, right. I have control with the pressure of the grip of my putter.

So you do maybe a little stroke here? A little practice stroke?

Yeah. I like to just imitate what I'm going to do there.

You go in, you set that right there with your foot.


Build your stance. That's it.

And that's it. I like to give it some speed.