Gaby Lopez - Putting Through The Gate

Gaby Lopez explains how she works on her putting, by first finding a straight line, making sure her eyes are over the ball, and rolling through a gate on a aid called Visio Putting.


So you've got some-- you got some gadgets here for me, some drills.

Yeah, some [INAUDIBLE].

What do you use all this for? Show me how you--

Well, one of the things I like to do in a tournament, I like to go over the fundamentals of my putting. So I like to check my posture, you know, my ball position. I like to check my grip pressure, my shoulders, everything that I can control, to get consistency over my putting. And so I like to have this putting bar.

This is called [? Vizo. ?]

Yeah. I've got here a--

That's a different thing.


Yeah. I got this ruler.

First thing's going to find a straight putt.

I like to find the straight putt. So I'm very sure that I'm hitting the ball exactly--

That's pretty close, isn't it?

--how I want it. Yeah, this is pretty close to-- it's probably like a very close thing to perfect putter.


So let's say, it's probably around here.

Probably around here somewhere, yeah.

Yeah. So after I find my straight putt, I like to just take the mirror, just to go over my alignment. Got my ball position.

And I see you have a gate. That's to-- if you can get it through the gate, you're starting on line.

Right. So there's just little things that I just like to make sure I'm doing well when I'm--

And you want to see your eyes looking back at you.

I want to see my eyes. I don't want to move my head when I'm putting. So I'm pretty--

So you'll see-- your eyeballs will be looking back at you right there.


Or is it that you put the ball there?

I put the ball here.


And you can actually put this magnets--

A wider--

Wider, yep, or just straighter. So--

I want to see this.


It's cool.

So pretty much we'll see if we find it right.

So we pretty much got our-- we know that that's roughly a straight putt.


And now--

Let me see if it's a straight putt.

That's a pretty tight gate you've got up there, right?

A little bit. So we'll see if it's this straight putt. And if I don't actually hit it where I said I want it, it's going to just hit some of the magnets, and is going to give me a little bit of feedback.

Feedback, sure.

So we'll see if it's actually-- this is--

So probably--

Oh, a little bit--



Yeah, it hooked a little, too.


But so if you do get it through the gate, you're pretty good.


You don't have to-- it doesn't have to go through the gate and go in the hole.

No. No, yeah.

Because you're starting in on your line, right?

Right. I'd probably play a shorter putt here, just to-- you know? But you see? There I probably hit it just a little inside. But I like to just feel how consistent I'm hitting through the gate, and just a little bit of feedback.